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SURP student Tyler Allcroft presents summer research!

Congratulations to Tyler Allcroft on his poster presentation as part of 

the SURP program! Thank you for joining us in the lab 

this summer!

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Welcome Anthony Griffen!


We are thrilled to have Anthony Griffen join as our lab's first graduate student. Anthony received his BS in Biology from San Diego State University.

Jingli receives Paul S. Frenette Scholar Award


Congratulations to Jingli on receiving an inaugural Paul S. Frenette Scholar Award from the Ruth L. and David S. Gottesman Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine at Albert Einstein.


Welcome Jingli Wang!


We are so happy to have Jingli Wang join as our lab's first postdoc! Jingli joins our group after completing her PhD at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Our review is published in Annual Review of Cancer Biology

April 2022

Our review on single-cell epigenomic approaches in cancer biology is out!


Welcome Fia Stratton!


We are excited for Fia Stratton to join our group as a research technician! Fia recently graduated from Erasmus University College with a degree in molecular and cellular biology.

SMARCA4 collaboration


We were delighted to contribute to a collaborative project demonstrating the role of SMARCA4 loss in lung cancer using scATAC-seq, an effort led by Carla Concepcion in Tyler Jacks lab!


Lab opening!


The LaFave lab opens in September 2021 at Albert Einstein Medical School. We are also members of the Albert Einstein Cancer Center and the Department of Cell Biology! Currently hiring! 

STAR Protocol paper


We published our optimized single-cell ATAC-sequencing protocol using combinatorial indexing in STAR Protocols, an effort led by Isabella Del Priore and Sai Ma! 

Past News

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